RPO - Rochester's Newest Ensemble

The Rochester Pops Orchestra is extremely grateful for all of our amazing and dedicated donors.
Each and every gift makes all of our concerts possible.  The expenses to keep a full orchestra afloat
are plentiful making meeting our financial obligations very important, and your donations
mean the world to us. The following donations were made through 01/2021

Friends of the Pops $25+
  Eric Huntoon
  Richard & Sherry Huntoon
  Loretta Ann Morgan
  Thomas Rinkoski
  Jon Scheffert
  Dave & Deanna Von

Donor of the Pops $50+
  Beth Aakre
  Colleen & J. Scott Arnold
  Joan Pickett-Austinson & Paul Austinson
  Dr. & Mrs. Jim Fountaine
  Betty Lentz
  I.J. & Gloria Lewison
  Martha Millman
  Jean Mortenson
  Christine Oslund
  Steve & Morene Rohlik
  Bev & Jeff Setterlund
  Kerstin Suby
  Darlene, William & Michael Timmerman

Supporter of the Pops $100+
  Lawrence & Sharon Barsness

  Frank Braithwaite
  Deborah Connolly
  Paul Gunsch & Barbara Dallavalle
  Thomas Davies
  Jim & Sharon Deutschlehrer
  Randall & Tonia Deyo
  Todd & Cecilia Dingledy-Wade
  John & Sherrill Earle
  Keith & Carol Hartley
  Adriane Lang
  Randall & Nadine Langworthy
  Robyn Loewen
  Mary Lieser
  Douglas & Val Lochner
  Susan Lommen
  Jefferson & Kaia Long
  Mark & Karen Masbruch
  William & Nancy Mayhew
  Rev. Robert A. Onkka
  Karl & Karen Pasch
  Ed & Gloria Rosencrants
  Verdon & Rosemarie Seegmiller
  Beverly Setterlund
  Paula Smith
  Robert & Sylvia Torstenson
  Amy Unseth
  Dean & Carol Vigeland
  James & Darlene Vowels
  Delmar & Delores Yennie

Sponsor of the Pops $250+
  Lilah Aas
  Thomas & Sandee Davies
  Kay & Paul Grinnell
  Thomas & Marilyn Rigby
  Judy Trousdell
  Norman & Katherine Wahl
  Ellis & Julie Workman

Dreamer of the Pops $500+
  Ardell Brede
  In Loving Memory of Rita Colquhoun

Visionary of the Pops $1,000+
  Brock A. Besse
  Deb & Rich Besse
  Sam & Julie Ellis
  The Dacy Family
  James & Katherine Potter
  Jane Sheffield
  Judy Trousdell